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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation)?

DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. Simply put, a DAO is an organization that runs on the blockchain & is governed by its members (also known as token-holders).

Why DAOStruct?

DAOStruct is a One stop to find, invest and participate in extraordinary DAOs.
We are making it easy to search over 1000s of DAOs, invest in them, manage your portfolio & participate in governance on a single platform

Why join a DAO?

The Decentralised Autonomous Organization is a natural extension of the principles of crypto. A new type of entity capable of ensuring all participants have a say and profit from their work. DAOs are now legal and operating around the world. You can join and invest in a DAO of your choice.

Are DAOs tokens or cryptocurrencies?

Yes & no. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, DAO governance tokens grant holders some other rights such as governance, staking, access, or financial rewards. Thus, investors are members.

Do I need crypto to join or invest in a DAO?

At the moment, we only support token purchases with crypto wallets. You can check out a DAO’s public profile on DAOStruct to learn about their mission, community, and governance token all without crypto. We are building fiat-friendly onramps, so you can soon pay with your debit or credit card :)

How can I invest in a DAO using DAOStruct?

We are building an Ecosystem for DAOs including discovery, investment, participation in governance & knowledge base starting with building largest DAO directory on the internet, and forming closer relationships with DAOs

What are the requirements to join a DAO?

in order to join a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), users need to buy its cryptocurrency and hold the asset which gives them the power to vote on proposals and updates, proportional to the amount they hold

What kind of data daostruct shows?

We display DAOs of all kinds and their data such as Tokens, holder’s name, volume , market cap , treasury and many more data points are shown on our platform
Through DAOStruct we made it easy for users to choose their DAO within seconds by looking at these data points.

How does daostruct help in governance?

We got all protocols under one umbrella , so no need to navigate through other sources. Its a one stop solution to discovery of all the daos

How DAO governance data at DAOstruct different from other platforms? What types of DAO governance data do you present?

We display DAOs' governance platforms, proposals, voting and results; treasuries controlled by these governances; DAO membership addresses for their governance shares and actions; description and categorization within the DAO ecosystem; voting coalitions, rich social URLs layer and various other related features & indices.
We are guided by a wide concept of 'governance' that includes DAOs' (human and machine) rules & roles, ownership & authority structures and interrelations, external connections and obligations, and of course the practice of these all.


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