New AI Tech takes on DAOs: DALL E x DAOs!

New AI Tech takes on DAOs: DALL E x DAOs!

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What’s the new AI tech that we are talking about? 🤔

Wait! It’s not just us - everyone is talking about it. 💯 

The new AI tech that is taking the world by storm is DALL-E. Who developed it? OpenAI! OpenAI defines itself as an artificial intelligence research and deployment company that is focused at ensuring that the technologies that they develop are beneficial to humanity. An interesting fact to note here is that OpenAI, an AI company, defines AI as “highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work”. Some notable investors in OpenAI that have steered the path toward the adoption of AI are Microsoft, Khosla Ventures, and Reid Hoffman’s charitable foundation, among others. 💰

Now, what does DALL-E do? Let’s give you a lil brief! ⬇️

Lil bit about DALL-E ⬇️- 

Way ChatGPT is used to generate textual content, and DALL-E is used for generating images. Also developed by OpenAI, DALL-E is a neural network-based image generation system. Too complicated? 🙈 Wait - try this - consider DALL-E to be your art teacher back when you were in 5th grade. They could draw anything you asked them to and almost always make it aesthetic, right? ✔️ This could be a pink flower in a garden with blue skies or a tiered bridge in a futuristic city! 🎨 DALL-E is the same, but online! DALL-E is capable of generating a very very wide range of images and it does this by combining the content of the text description that is provided to it by the user, with the styles of existing images. Most DALL-E images are photorealistic and highly stylized thereby giving an aesthetically pleasing impression! 🥳

DALL-E was introduced by OpenAI in January 2021 and DALL-E 2 is an upgrade that came around a year later. With this upgrade, images can be generated with 4x greater resolution and these images are often more realistic and accurate as well. The use cases for DALL-E are immense and would primarily be automatically useful in the industries of advertising, art, marketing, and design. The way an accurate Google search requires you to know “what” to Google and “how” to Google it - it’s all about the right textual description with DALL-E as well! 🖼️

DALL-2 has actually mastered the dynamic between images and the text used to describe them. The updated feature that they now deploy is termed “diffusion” and it works by starting with a pattern of random dots and gradually altering that pattern toward an image. This happens when DALL-E 2 recognizes specific aspects of the said image. Caption matching and photorealism are the differentiating factors between DALL-E and DALL-E 2. The difference between what DALL-E would produce vs. what DALL-E 2 would produce, can be noticed below ⬇️

dall e 1

Source: DALL-E 2’s launch documentation

It is interesting to note that there are three primary methods of interacting with images. While the most well-known one is creating images from scratch based on a text prompt, two other lesser-known yet notable features of DALL-E’s image generation capabilities, include creating edits of an existing image based on a new or revised text prompt, and lastly, creating variations of an existing image. 📸 An example of an edit of an existing image can be found below ⬇️

dall e 2

Source: DALL-E’s documentation pertaining to image generation

Now, how will DALL-E affect DAOs? 💭

DALL-E as an AI image-generating tool may not have a very direct impact on DAOs, but it certainly will have a notable and pertinent indirect impact, that must be talked about. For instance, a potential use case of DALL-E in the context of DAOs is the creation of decentralized art markets! Sounds cool, right? 😎 Since all artwork created through DALL-E is original and naturally, unique - artists could use this tool to create such artwork and then sell it through a decentralized art market that can be run by a DAO. Since a DAO, by its nature, is decentralized, it would allow artists to have greater control over the distribution and sale of their work, while also giving collectors the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces directly from the artists themselves! 🎨

That’s not it!✋🏼Another way in which DALL-E and DAOs intersect is through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets that are stored on the blockchain and are unique, meaning that they cannot be replaced or exchanged for another asset. DALL-E could potentially be used to generate original art or other forms of digital content that could be sold as NFTs. This could create new opportunities for artists and content creators to monetize their work in a decentralized and secure way through the use of DAOs. 🖼️

Very simply, DALL-E can also be used to create original, stylized, and unique images for the social media posts of the DAO. Brand visibility and publicity are equally important to a DAO and ensuring these through modern aesthetic images would definitely catch the attention of a notable audience! An entire Instagram feed for a DAO, for instance, can be well-designed with the use of DALL-E. 📸

Lastly, with DALL-E’s recent updates, developers can now directly integrate DALL-E into their apps, products, websites, etc. through OpenAI’s API. The traction that DALL-E holds right now, is that there are more than 3 million people who are already using DALL-E in their daily use. This results in over 4 million images a day! 💯 For developers, looking to utilize DALL-E’s capabilities for their artistic or design needs, wouldn’t simply integrating it in their code base be so much easier? 😏 This can very easily help DAOs that are also looking to create their own product offerings! For example, take a look at this ⬇️

dall e 3

Source: OpenAI’s blog pertaining to DALL-E

Teeny Tiny Disclaimer! 🤏🏼

Just like ChatGPT, the impact of DALL-E on DAOs can also not be uniform and universal in nature and would depend entirely on the governance model opted for by the DAO. In addition to this common factor, the DAO’s inclination towards art and design would also be a pertinent factor in determining whether DALL-E as an AI art-generating tool can be utilized efficiently, or not. ✔️

What’s the future: DALL-E x DAOs? 🔮

A notable adoption of DALL-E in a company that you’ve definitely heard of - Microsoft - must be mentioned here. Microsoft has decided to integrate DALL-E into its new graphic design app “Designer”. This app is focused on helping users create pro-quality social media posts, graphics, postcards, etc. - and DALL-E integration would definitely elevate the aesthetic, stylization, and modernity of the quality of results! Another integration that Microsoft is focussing on, is to integrate DALL-E in Bing as well as Microsoft Edge, with the assistance of Image Creator. This would then enable users to create the images that they desire, themselves, even if web results do not prove to be fruitful in their search. 🔍

Overall, the intersection between DALL-E and DAOs holds promise for improving efficiency and accessibility within decentralized organizations. By leveraging the power of language models, machine learning, artificial intelligence and image generation, DAOs can potentially streamline their processes and make it easier for members to collaborate and contribute to decision-making. 🚀


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