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[Disclaimer: Fren, please do your own research before joining/building a DAO. This post aims to serve as a comprehensive guide to DAOstruct. This is not financial advice either!]

Wait, what is a DAO? Before we deep dive into the innumerable features that DAOstruct has to offer to make our DAO lives easier, let’s understand what DAOs are. ⬇️

A DAO stands for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization which essentially, in the simplest of words, aims to be a company in the web3 space.

Instead of having physical contracts detailing every single term you could think of, piled up in the Legal Team’s room, you have smart contracts on the blockchain running the DAO. These are free of control from the government and are controlled by all DAO members through a consensus mechanism. The consensus mechanism remains so fundamental to a DAO’s structure that the previously agreed-upon rules of the DAO can only be changed by the consent of the said DAO members.

But why DAOs? 🤔

To begin with, DAOs, as part of the web3 space, are centered around the idea of ‘decentralization’ and are already lightyears ahead of traditional companies in pre-web3. Just by being decentralized, they offer the following freedoms-

1. You can join and leave whenever you want. 2. You can be a part of multiple communities at the same time. 3. Your consent matters in the decision-making process. 4. You may get financial incentives such as tokens as acknowledgments of positive contributions. 5. Everything is transparent, and by everything — I mean, everything. (emphasis added) 6. The fluidity of the work would attract quality talent and therefore, the productivity of your DAO will only increase. Zero paperwork to sign honestly. Who wouldn’t want that? 🎊 According to Bitcoin News,  DAO treasuries presently hold at least $10 billion. 💰 Did we catch your attention? 😉

What is DAOstruct ? 🤔

DAOstruct is one terminal for users to Discover, Invest & Participate in Governance in their favorite DAO. 🚀 Discover the right DAO for you! (the matchmaking you like? 😅)

Already a DAO expert? Let’s move on to discovering the right #DAO for you then!

DAOstruct offers an all-encompassing DAO discovery dashboard with easy filtering options on the basis of chains, treasuries, purpose, etc., that would give you a range of DAOs around the world. For instance, if I am an #NFT collector and I want to join a DAO bullish on rare NFTs, I can choose the category ‘Collector’ and I’ll get a list of DAOs that I can learn more about, and then join! It’s that easy.

DAO discovery dashboard is authentically sourced and is constantly updated to match the speed at which DAOs are being launched. We have aggregated over 15000 DAOs on our platform. We are building the largest directory of DAOs on the internet, within Discovery we have also aggregated insights related to DAO, for example — Governance, Proposal, Financials, Links, etc to provide as much information as we can regarding every DAO that we list, so as a user you can make informed choice. You can deep dive into any DAO that you want and learn about their roadmaps, their communities (let’s face it, every DAO is about its community, right? 🤝🏼), their historical voting proposals, treasuries, etc. After all of this intensive research that we facilitate you with, you can decide if you want to buy the said DAO’s tokens or not.

If you have a new DAO that you’ve created, and you’d like us to list it on our DAO dashboard, you can also submit your DAO to us! We’ll verify the information that you’ve given us to ensure that our users have the most authentic and reliable experience, and then we’ll list it. This way the ecosystem eventually advances every element itself.

Invest and manage your DAO investments with us! DAOstruct equips itself with deeper insights into DAOs for users to invest in DAOs whether it’s ERC-20 or ERC-721. Our all-in-one platform lets you manage all of your investments in all DAOs from DAOstruct itself. You no more need to go to each DAO individually to manage your respective investments.

Participate in the governance of your DAOs w us! All governance management tools that are necessary for a DAO to function such as proposal sharing, voting mechanisms, etc. are facilitated by DAOstruct and you can choose to do all of this through our platform itself. You can also learn about historic proposals through DAOstruct, and participate in governance by voting for various proposals from DAOstruct itself! It’s a one-platform answer for all situations!

🎉 Become a DAO expert with us What would be the first step to entering this revolution?


Learn what DAOs are all about! Our Knowledge Hub  offers 100% original, specially curated, entirely free, educational content that will make you a DAO expert in no time. If you don’t like reading too much (we get you), we will also have knowledge pouring in through podcasts, videos, interviews, and more! Yes, we’re going all out. No more feeling left out during the DAO-centric convos! We got you. 🤝🏼

Why is DAOstruct needed?

There is no single platform that offers all of this and more! We aim to do just that. We are not just a marketplace where you discover DAOs. We are not just a platform for DAO tools. We are not just a launchpad. We are not just a knowledge hub. We are all of this and so much more. We are everything that DAOs need. DAOstruct is the future! 🔮

The vision of DAOs as a whole, depends entirely on its community and therefore, building it as community-driven as possible is probably the incentive that the members need. Democratization of governance was once sought in countries and is now sought in digital spaces. This huge leap that we have taken with web3 is bound to result in some ambiguities like for instance, how many members vote, what are the rules surrounding each DAO, who resolves the disputes that may arise, etc. However, these are all questions that will be answered in due time. The prime key that remains is — consensus. 🤝🏼 DAOstruct’s vision and mission (or in DAO terms, proposal! 😜) are to be the ‘One platform for everything DAO related’

Can’t figure out which DAO to join? We’ll give you the best options!

Want to invest money in a DAO but don’t know which DAO is worthy of your money? We are here for you!

Have issues managing your DAO? Right here with you!

Want to participate in your DAO’s governance? Up your game w DAOstruct!

Want to learn about DAOs? Have that covered with A+ worthy education?

Launching a DAO? Yes, we gotcha! We will soon be launching a 90-second DAO launchpad that will materialize your DAO faster than ever before.

If we had to summarize our vision in one sentence, it would be that DAOstruct is the answer to all your DAO needs.

🌐 Our mission is to facilitate the mass adoption of DAOs and build systems & frameworks to that end.

Let’s connect and ideate on how to build a better ecosystem.

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